Read a Sample Chapter of My New Book!

Read a Sample Chapter of My New Book!

Do you struggle to navigate the logistical and psychological challenges of blending work, family, and life as a working parent?

We have more information available to us than at any other time in history. So why are the rates of burnout, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues skyrocketing for working parents? Why isn’t all of this unlimited knowledge and advice helping us escape survival mode?

Working parents are often forced to sacrifice valuable time with their families, their hard-earned careers, or their personal well-being (usually all three) because they can’t find a sustainable way to navigate the competing demands of work, family, and life. The Whole SELF Lifestyle™ for Working Parents offers an alternative to the hustle-and-grind culture that's taken over modern society. Once you understand yourself and your life as a whole, you can make more effective choices based on what you need in each moment.


  • Why you still struggle with burnout despite trying all those "proven strategies for success."
  • The hidden barriers holding you back from lasting connection, confidence, and fulfillment.
  • A practical 4-step framework you can apply in any situation to finally enjoy working parenthood.
  • A contemporary alternative to out-of-date “work-life balance" ideals.

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