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Managing a household, raising kids, and staying focused on a career or two is a lot of work these days. Without the support of an extended "village," most of the obligations and stress falls on parents to manage everything. There are a lot of resources out there to help divide up traditional household chores (cleaning, meal planning, paying bills). But most checklists exclude all of the "mental labor" that add to the stress in families today (picking up items left at school, scheduling pediatrician appointments, researching preschools).

I created this spreadsheet to help you and your partner compile a MASTER list of ALL of the tasks, responsibilities, and obligations you're both personally managing right now. This spreadsheet can be edited, updated, and changed based on your unique life circumstances. It's meant to serve as a guide for you and your partner to have an educated conversation around how you're working together, and break down specific tasks so you can stop having the same arguments over and over.

Stop fighting and resenting each other. Use this document to work together to manage your life as a team.


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