3 Destructive Myths About Burnout

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This training is for you if you've tried everything you can think of to find some peace and organization in your daily life, but still struggle to put systems in place that last.

Here's the truth no one is telling you:

If you’re stuck in survival mode, all of the productivity hacks and time saving tips are just distractions disguised as solutions. Balance as a working parent is possible. If you haven’t found it yet it’s because you haven’t identified the real source of your burnout. You’ve been wasting your time trying to find a solution to the wrong problem.

In this virtual training, you’ll discover:

• The three biggest myths about burnout that are really at the root of your stress and anxiety.

• The most common obstacles to finding a sustainable and fulfilling routine in your life as a working parent.

• Practical steps you can take now to overcome survival mode (or avoid it altogether!) so you can control your time, your energy and your life overall as a working parent.


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