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The Whole SELF Lifestyle™ is a philosophy that addresses the big, philosophical questions working parents face, such as…

  • What’s the purpose of my life?

  • Who am I now that I’m a parent?

  • How can I recover the parts of myself I feel like I’ve lost?

  • How can I make the most of my time here on this planet?

  • How can I enjoy this journey called parenthood, and look back with fond memories rather than regrets?

And through the Whole SELF Lifestyle™ Method, we break that philosophy down into practice. You learn how to analyze and improve every area of your life, and how to blend them in your own unique way to create a full and balanced life as a working parent. You learn how to manage the practical, day-to-day demands that cause the most stress, conflict, and burnout.

This program can be done on your own as an individual, with your partner, or facilitated as an interactive workshop for corporations and groups.